A True Life Story by Fergus Buchan ... written by Val Waldeck

"When life deals a Bad Card...
Play it As it Lies"

A True Life Story by Fergus Buchan.

After the sudden loss of his son, Alistair (4 years) in a tractor accident, Fergus Buchan as a professional golfer realized that a deal or a bet couldn't change the outcome of this tragic event.

This and being treated for malignant melanoma, given only eight months to live, Fergus applied the golden rule of golf - Rule 1-2: Play it As It Lies.

This motivating life story captures some old memories with fellow pro=golfing friends Dale Hayes, Simon Hobday and Denis Hutchinson. Fergus presents a message of hope and how set-backs in life encouraged him to Play It As It Lies.

The outcome of this fascinating biography is set to inspire especially those who've been dealt a bad card in life.

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